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SyscomERP PDM - Product Development Management Software

SyscomERP PDM - Product Development Management is a web based software application that allows textile, apparel and footwear companies to manage the development process from concept through to design, minimising development time and allowing the delivery of goods at the right cost and the right time, every time.


With an easy to use menu system and intuitive user interface, this flexible application assists with design management and pre-production using, for example, work flow tools, costing templates and trim libraries.

SyscomERP PDM allows design teams and product suppliers to access up-to-date information at any time and anywhere, enhancing collaboration and reducing the potential for errors.

Key differentiators include:

  • Instant / enhanced access to product information – collaborate with product teams and suppliers word-wide without the need for emails and spreadsheets. Your team can access vital information from one centralised, web based database.
  • Controlled development costs – use the 'what if' analysis function to calculate how choice of materials and suppliers will affect the cost of a garment/item being engineered to a certain price point and 'where used' reports to show the impact a discontinued or late supply of a material will have on the cost of producing an item.
  • Reduced time to market – assign tasks efficiently and monitor potential bottlenecks with critical path functionality to reduce delays.
  • Development and supply chain visibility – track multiple revisions with automatic audit trails of changes to style records and use flexible reporting tools for supply chain visibility.
  • Informed / ethical sourcing – meet the challenges of responsible sourcing using preferred supplier lists to select suitable suppliers and products during the design stage.





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