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Servicing Your Business Needs


Syscom's experience in the Manufacturing sector and business process optimisation techniques has been invaluable, enabling us to streamline our business. Their patience and understanding when training our staff was also important to us.

Alexander Comley Ltd

From system selection through to "go-live", Syscom's experienced and Microsoft certified consultants will work in partnership with your company to :

  • Understand your objectives, budget constraints and how you will measure the return on investment (ROI) in your new software system
  • We will then create a detailed plan and understanding of your current key business processes
  • When we have understood your requirements, we will meet with you again to discuss and present our recommended solution using a sample of your data, including streamlining processes, implementing ERP optimisation applications, detailed reporting and event alerting.

At the end of the selection process with us, you will have no doubt that your choice of software and services from Syscom are the best fit for your business now and into the future.