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Digitise your business by moving to the cloud with Microsoft Gold Partner.

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Why Syscom?

As a designer of business systems for over 40 years, Syscom PLC is one of the UK’s most respected providers of outsourced managed IT systems and technical support for independent businesses. With our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of intelligent software and our support services.

All Syscom staff have been hand-picked from the industries we serve. We will listen to you, understand your individual business needs and the issues you face, to determine what can be achieved in the simplest of ways.

Our Vision

We empower and transform businesses to be at the forefront of technology by providing malleable Business Solutions that suit your needs today and can be added to as your business evolves, adjusting with the increasing speed of change of customer demands and user needs.

What is Cloud Computing and Why Should You Care?

Cloud computing operates on a similar principle to web-based email clients, allowing users to access all of their features and files of the system without having to keep the bulk of that system on their own computers or within their premises. 

 Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services (such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software and more) over the internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. You typically pay only for cloud services which you use, helping lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs change. By relying on an outside organisation to take care of all of your IT hosting and infrastructure needs, you will have more time to devote towards the aspects of your business that directly affect your bottom line. 

Cloud computing makes collaboration a simple process; team members can view and share information easily and securely across a cloud-based platform and in ways never seen before with on-premise solutions. 

Benefit from Cloud Computing with Syscom:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Availability of services

  • Scale when you need

  • Cost effective pay-as-you-use pricing

  • Fully managed offering available

  • Data governance, planning and risk management

  • Ease of deployment - sit back and let us do the work

  • Stay secure with identity management

  • Physical security by using external datacenters

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity available

Not all clouds are the same and not one type of cloud computing is right for everyone. This is why we provide configuration and servicing of all shapes and sizes. 

Public Cloud

 Public cloud is the best option for businesses who cannot afford the costly affair of upkeep of a private cloud environment but still want to benefit from the offerings of cloud computing services and the advantages for your business it offers.

Hybrid Cloud

Combining the performance and security of Private Cloud with your on-premises environment, hybrid cloud can be a good middle ground for businesses who are not 100% ready to move their entire IT operations to a cloud based environment. 

Private Cloud

The ideal solution for businesses who want to get the benefits of cloud computing but with the added security and resilience of having their own infrastructure, operated within a dedicated environment to offer a higher level of isolation and security. 

Your Microsoft Accredited IT Partner

As a Microsoft Partner we regularly undertake training courses to maintain our Microsoft accreditation and update our knowledge of the Microsoft product set that we supply and maintain.  

A reliable & experienced partner for your business

At Syscom, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, accredited with Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Cloud Service Provider. Our Microsoft Certified Technology Experts have the experience to help design and build your system. By using an external source to manage and host your infrastructure, you have access to expert IT knowledge without the need to hire internal IT staff, leaving you to run a successful business without worrying about your tools going down. Our range of cloud and hosted IT solutions are scalable, resilient and cost-effective.

Most cloud services are provided self-services and on demand, so even vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, giving businesses a lot of flexibility and taking the pressure off capacity planning.

Further, many cloud providers offer a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls that strengthen your security posture overall, helping protect your data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats. With every solution Syscom provides, we ensure that your deployment is secure from any attack. That said, hosting organisations spend a vast amount of financial and human resources on ensuring that cyber-attacks are a thing of the past in their state-of-the-art datacenters. 

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