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Feel like you are not getting what you want out of Microsoft Dynamics AX? Syscom PLC's AX Medic support service resuscitates companies who struggle with failed implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX projects

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Medic Support for 2009 & 2012 users

Often, users of Dynamics AX bought it to future proof their growth ambitions and provide enterprise wide integration beyond that of other ERP solutions. It is also probable that they spent a lot of time selecting Microsoft Dynamics AX after carefully considering and rejecting others in the process. Unfortunately, many companies fail to achieve the benefits they once sought and begin looking elsewhere, spending more valuable time and effort looking at alternative options.

In January 2016, Microsoft launched the new Microsoft Dynamics AX from its catalogue of world class solutions – however, you are still trying to get your version working correctly and paying for a system that is not serving its intended purpose. You will only ever exploit Microsoft Dynamics AX’s true potential if your Microsoft partner knows the extraordinary capabilities of the system to serve your industry and is able to demonstrate these capabilities from a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Sadly, this is not the case for some organisations:

"We feel like we aren’t getting the right support for our AX installation"

"Our staff are now turning their backs on AX and returning to alternative methods"

"We feel like we are being ignored”

"Modifications we asked for don’t work"

"We spend days, weeks waiting for resolution to problems we are experiencing"

"We feel we are paying for a service we are not getting"



Put the care of your Microsoft Dynamics AX system into the hands of a company that is not only interested in you and your business goals, but is also interested in getting you the benefits you originally sought and more with the least amount of disruption.

Did you know, by choosing a Microsoft product you are entitled to switch provider whenever you like?

If you are dissatisfied with your installation or experiencing difficulties with your current partner, then you have the option to change it.

Complete a simple form from Syscom, processed by Microsoft and your partner will be changed to one that cares - it’s as simple as that. Don’t let poor AX support taint your view of Microsoft Dynamics AX, its potential can be maximised and your problems fixed through a few simple steps.

Am I jumping into the fire?

To recognize the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics AX you need to be guided by a team of dedicated consultants that have worked in your industry and experienced the problems you face first hand. You deserve a team of dedicated professionals, who provide AX support in the way you expected from the start with your original partners.

At Syscom PLC, we provide world class consultancy and support services for our customers and will not settle until their problems are resolved. Syscom follow a tried and proven methodology by first, understanding what has been done, fixing what is required then setting you back on the correct path.



Our AX support and assistance is available whenever you need it, you only have to ask. It really is but a paperwork exercise away.

Try AX Medic to understand the system you’ve paid for and unlock its marvellous capabilities. Microsoft support of AX 2009 is already nearing its end in 2018 and AX 2012 ends in 2021.


Don't just take our word for it...

Detroit Electric

Take a look at how Syscom was able to provide Detroit Electric the ERP experience they had always wanted through our AX Medic programme.


 See how Weatherford International harnessed the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX and quadrupled their turnover with Syscom PLC.

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