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We pride ourselves on providing expert, comprehensive services to support and complement our industry-leading IT applications and software solutions

Syscom’s range of services includes:

  • Software implementation, support and development – Syscom follows a proven, best-practice implementation strategy, which is tailored to your unique business needs and provides you with the knowledge and resources you need for a successful software implementation. We also offer ongoing, comprehensive support, maintenance, development and upgrade services for both our hardware and software solutions.
  • Project management – appointing an experienced team and dedicated project manager to each project, we work closely with our customers to ensure the smooth progression of your software implementation project and help you meet your objectives on time and within budget. 
  • Training – Syscom offers classroom and customised training options that are available on-site or at our training facility headquarters to help you get the most from your software investment.
  • IT Services & support– Syscom IT services and support will help you to stabilise IT costs, improve network performance, reduce business risk and free-up your internal resource
  • Data migration – ensuring you retain your valuable customer and supplier data, as well as historical business data, is a key element to consider when adopting a new system. Syscom offer this service as part of all software projects should this be required.
  • Product development - each year, Syscom invests heavily in customer research to gain insight into current and future requirements, continually developing and enhancing our products to ensure they deliver competitive advantage and move forward in line with our customers’ businesses. Where client requirements fall outside the core package software, Syscom can develop a customer-specific solution that will integrate with our exiting packages to meet these requirements.

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