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ERP8 - A comprehensive suite of intelligent business applications

ERP8 is a modern and flexible ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business solution designed and developed by Syscom PLC, ideal for manufacturers of all types.

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ERP8 Overview

ERP8 is a modern and flexible ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business solution designed and developed by Syscom PLC, ideal for manufacturers and distributors of all types.

ERP8 offers a complete Financials, Analytic and Business Management system unifying data and processes across multiple sites, connecting staff, customers and suppliers regardless of time or location.

Requiring minimum maintenance and IT resources, ERP8 offers a significant business advantage with an exceedingly rapid return on investment.

As companies struggle to compete in today’s highly competitive market, a means to operate gracefully using
highly accurate information is a great advantage, having goods delivered on time and at the right price, ERP8 is
proven to deliver this desirable result.

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use

ERP8 contains a variety of ‘self-serve’ fully integrated modules which can be combined together to form a complete system, covering
• Financials
• Manufacturing
• Procurement
• Distribution
• Customer service

Wide variety of user interfaces
ERP8 offers a wide variety of user interfaces, enabling you to deploy those that best fit the needs of individual departments and business

Orders appear in real-time within ERP8
Orders are instantly ready to be picked up by the supply area of the business, thus improving order turnaround and customer satisfaction.

Syscom ERP8 Modules

Make the switch to ERP8 and streamline your business

ApparelX offers a variety of fully integrated modules which can be used individually or combined together to form a complete system. It offers an affordable ERP software solution for manufacturing and distribution companies, as you only have, and therefore only pay for, the modules you need.

Inventory Management

Inventory management

The Inventory Management Module allows you to control inventory, manage your supply chain effectively and collaborate with your suppliers & customers efficiently.

It has been designed to give you a 360° visibility window into your supply chain including stock movement in all locations, irrespective of whether you have a distributed manufacturing process or a single site.

Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing

ERP8’s Sales Order Processing (SOP) module is fully integrated with purchasing and inventory to help improve your customer service.

ERP8’s SOP module allows you to requisition and control inventory, manage supply chain expectations and collaborate with suppliers and customers to convey details effectively.



 Designed with sales staff in mind, ERP8 GO provides your mobile sales staff with total access to information contained within ERP8 whilst present with customers to discuss, review and determine future needs.

You choose the information they can see whilst mobile or what you would like customers to see based on security rules for laptop, tablet and mobile device connectivity.

Syscom have designed ERP8 to meet the exact needs of the manufacturing and distribution industry

To employ such tools and services is a challenge in itself. So, Syscom has authored a proven methodology of involving staff, minimising disruption and engaging effective change management avoiding costly downtime.

Your employees will become more effective as a result, with access to intuitive information required to do their job through a dashboard of their own making, collaborating with other departments.

Syscom ERP8

ERP8 Applications

ERP8 unifies your business

A comprehensive suite of intelligent business applications for the Manufacturing and Distribution industries, ERP8 offers a complete Financials, Analytic and Business Management system unifying data and processes across multiple sites, connecting staff, customers and suppliers regardless of time or location.


Ledger Management including General, Purchase, Sale, Cash and Cash & Bank


Customer Service

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Wardrobe Management Web Services including Order Management


Business Intelligence

Business Reporting, Analytics



Syscom Mobile, Cloud, On Premise

Procurement & Distribution

EDI Sales Orders, Automatic Allocations, Back To Back Orders, Multi Warehouse and Locations, Container Processing, 3-Way Matching, PO Reconciliation, Requisitions, Purchase Order Import, GIA Processing



ApparelX- PDM (Product Development Management), EDI



Bill of Materials, Process Routing Production, Activity Control, Weaving, Embroidery, Decoration, MRP



Supplementary Services

  • Strategic advice, planning and guidance for effective network, local IT, hardware infrastructure setup and simplifying of all business data backups

  • Security protection

  • Online collaboration

  • Central storage, organisation, sharing and searching of critical information

  • 24/7 remote monitoring

  • Disaster recovery

  • Replication

  • Database encryption

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