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Why Businesses of all Sizes are Opting for Cloud Solutions

6 important reasons why growing businesses are now placing their trust in Cloud technology

Blog / 24 October 2018share

Cloud-based services are continuing to grow in popularity as businesses, large and small, discover the benefits of being able to access their software securely at any time, in any place and on any device. In the past, there were concerns about hosting sensitive and confidential information on a remote server, however, new developments in technology and cyber-security have led to increased faith in Cloud services, bringing innovation and success to those who capitalise the way they use it.

The Cloud is not simply a network storage area; it can provide compute power. Accessed via the internet, the Cloud is based in multiple data centres and offers a protected, storage environment. This allows authorised users to share and transfer data, run everyday operations and communicate across internal departments and external sources in real time. The Cloud has many uses and applications (it’s not just for Office™), so there are a number of reasons why the Cloud has become the popular choice for forward-thinking businesses:

1. Complete visibility throughout your operation

Cloud technology has the ability to transform the way you access and share data. It provides a secure and easy-use platform to work cohesively between users and departments, essentially streamlining your workflow from start to end. Using applications which are designed to work alongside one another, you can connect all areas and departments of your business from finances and marketing to human resources and service operations for efficiency gain. This in turn leads to faster problem solving, better communication and more transparency within your organisation.

2. Real-time access from remote locations and users

For many companies now, being able to use a range of applications and procedures and access the latest data from multiple devices and locations is the difference between running their business smoothly and having to face obstacles on a daily basis. With Cloud technology, both internal and external partners have the freedom of time, location and device to carry out important functions using the latest technology. This ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities or use out-of-date information, essentially providing you the tools you need to do important business on the go.

3. The ability to make your applications scalable

The amount of Cloud and data resources that you deploy can be adjusted if and when required. If you have a busy month, perhaps due to a sales promotion, you can easily scale your package to accommodate these changes. You don’t have to wait for new hardware to be delivered. With the Cloud, you have the option to manage the shape and size of your systems by choosing your storage, bandwidth and applications. This gives you the flexibility to easily extend, expand and modify Cloud resources as your business grows and changes over time. You have the ability to scale efficiently and adapt to emerging opportunities without causing major disruption to your workflows.





4. It saves time and money on setup and ongoing maintenance

Opting for on premise rather than Cloud hosting, requires an IT team to set up the hardware, network infrastructure, environment and applications. Following that, there are continuous upgrades, ongoing maintenance and the team of staff to keep the system going 24/7 which can become costly and time-consuming. By choosing Cloud, you have access to the resources of your Cloud provider in order to maintain your software and receive automatic upgrades so that you will always have the latest available versions. This means that you will be able to take advantage of new technologies as they become available such as 5G telephony, Artificial Intelligence and collaboration tools such as Office Delve™.

5. Low upfront costs and predictable spending

Cloud is available on monthly or annual packages and you can also pay for applications in this way. Choosing this option lowers the cost for the initial setup as the computing resources are leased by the month rather than being purchased outright and maintained on premise. This service ensures that you remain on the most up-to-date version of the software you are running and can be upgraded automatically. It also removes the need for additional hardware and data servers, reduces IT support requirements and on site maintenance, which decreases overall operating costs. This, along with the flexibility of subscription plans and licencing, avoids most upfront usage costs, eliminates paying upfront for application software licenses and shrinks the cost of maintaining and supporting your chosen business applications.

6. Disaster Recovery and security for your valuable data

Data can be stored in the cloud in an encrypted form, providing secure access only to authorised users at specified times. There are many other security measures available depending on the Cloud provider. You no longer need a separate contract for Disaster Recovery. Cloud Providers have hundreds of servers in many different data centres in many different locations. Your data can be replicated in several different data centres, therefore in the case of a problem at your regular data centre, your operation can automatically be switched to an alternative, even without you knowing.

Cloud Solutions from Syscom

Using the right Cloud provider, a business can rapidly scale their operations to adapt to changes and growth including the acquisition of new companies. Syscom is a Microsoft™ accredited Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), with experts certified in the latest Cloud technology for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations™. Syscom’s own specialised ERP solutions, ApparelX and ERP8, are also available in the Cloud. 

As your partner, we will understand and talk you through not only the transition to the Cloud, but the entire process of selecting and installing the right business applications. Using years of experience and knowledge, we’ll help you every step of the way on your digital transformation journey.

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