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The Key to a Smooth and Efficient Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation with Syscom PLC

Blog / 23 February 2017share

“Standing out from the crowd with Syscom”.

Microsoft Gold Partner, Syscom PLC have been implementing Microsoft Software for over 20 years with both its Dynamics AX and GP ERP toolsets. In 2015 we launched our ‘AX Medic™’ service having recognised many companies finding themselves pouring money into projects turning bad without ever realising the benefits expected. Throughout 2015 and 2016, we not only extended our growing customer base but took on several of such projects where other Microsoft agents had given up or hadn’t understood the requirements leaving dissatisfied and frustrated customers.

In taking on such projects, Syscom carefully listens to what the customer wants then using our years of industry knowledge we untangle the dysfunctional mess left behind, ensuring a seamless revival.

Installing a new ERP system is never the picnic you envisaged, the road can be full of twists and turns. But, to avoid wrong turns, pot holes or even Sat-Nav failure you need good drivers. Drivers experienced with such problems that know the way and any short cuts to the destination. In doing so, leaves you to enjoy an unhindered and pleasant journey.

This is what Syscom PLC offers everyone and will do so at a fraction of what others will charge you and in less time. It’s what comes from years of listening and knowing what to do.


When making such change, you are not investing your money in the software sold to you, but in the impact the system will have. Syscom understands why a fully integrated ERP is required and knows how to get the most from it satisfying your needs now and long into the future of your business.

With guidance, we select the most appropriate route that will directly improve vision, efficiency and effectiveness.


A common issue is an inherent fear of change. The potential disruption and fear of failure is something that can halt progression from within. At Syscom we use a proven implementation methodology designed to minimize disturbance to current operations, facilitating an assortment of training medium alongside our discovery exercises. We communicate using language you understand instead of using industry jargon designed to baffle and is counterintuitive.


Recognising you still have your daily jobs to do, Syscom goes about your installation with the minimal of fuss, calling on you when called for in accordance with the preset and agreed project plan. It is why Syscom itself invests a considerable amount of time upfront to ensure we make no mistakes later on or undo anything. It is how we make sure we stay on track and within budget.


No project will remain on track unless total focus is given to what is required. It is for this reason Syscom only engages with or takes on projects that we know we can deliver against and know we will gain the expected benefits in accordance with your long term goals.

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