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There is no place like home - manufacturing is returning to its roots (John Ewing)

It is sad to think that Britain was once revered as being one of the world’s largest industrialised nations. We ex ...

To change or not to change - that is the question... or is it?

“When deciding upon whether to change your company-wide business systems to a fully integrated Enterprise Resource ...

Don't try your luck...get sales orders right first time

No matter what you are making or selling, the process always starts with taking a sales order from your customer. ...

Make Time for Change in 2015 : Syscom PLC joins British Furniture Manufacturers Association

“We can certainly expect lots of challenges in 2015 and beyond”. Said Dr Casey Loo, the president of the Internati ...

Don't Let Outdated ERP Road Block Your Business

Most manufacturers have an “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) software system as their core piece of business inf ...

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