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As an independent retailer, you will know how important it is to provide your customers with exemplary service while maintaining tight control over your business processes. It’s the only way to maintain your competitive edge to retain and grow your market share especially when you are also now competing on a global basis with suppliers many thousands of miles away.

Recognising that internet purchasing is transforming the way consumers purchase and at an alarming rate,  the High Street is becoming no more than a changing room for customers to try on or touch before they buy. Then when satisfied go elsewhere knowing the exact size, colour and style they seek, even the brand from an internet agent or supplier.

How can you compete then? Simply level the playing field.

Suppliers many thousands of miles away do not use any sophisticated technology, they do not employ next generation software or services, they are merely using what they have in more sophisticated ways and so can you.

Microsoft Retail Management System offers you an affordable, flexible and easy-to-use toolset that can integrate with and adapt to your specific retail needs. With functions for use within Store Operations and Head Quarters, you’ll have the point-of-sale and retail management tools that will enhance your business performance, help you develop long-lasting customer relationships and keep pace with all of your competitors, no matter what their size or where they are in the world.

Store Operations

A complete Point-of-Sale and Retail Management toolset for individual store operations. It can be run as a standalone application or as a module within Syscoms’ ERP8 business Management Toolset. But, can also be expanded to service multi-store operations.

Feature benefits:

  • Track and expedite point-of-sale business processes

  • Streamline business operations, including inventory, supplier management and point-of-sale processes

  • Save time and money by integrating credit and debit card transactions at the point of sale

  • Make informed decisions with accurate data and powerful reporting tools

Consolidate financial data through integration with SyscomERP or to other well-known financial applications.

Head Quarter Operations

Allows managers at the head office of a small to medium sized, multi-store businesses or chains to gather valuable information from all stores to gain a complete insight of the company’s performance and the products being sold by location.

 Feature benefits:

  • Gather detailed sales and inventory data from multiple store operations and installations

  • Manage prices, purchasing and inventory chain-wide, by region or by store

  • Set and monitor policies and procedures for each location

  • View, analyse and share information across your entire business

  • Consolidate financial data through integration with Syscom ERP8 or to other well-known financial applications.

Business Benefits

Apart from knowing that your systems carry the global support from Microsoft you should also reassured that:

  • Continual product development and upgrade paths are available

  • Superior customer service capability can be achieved

  • Streamlined Point of Sale (POS) is provided

  • Effective stock management 

  • Access and control of management information is available

  • You can increase your sales proficiency whilst reducing cost

  • You can become far more effective with lower operational costs

  • Microsoft RMS is easy to set up and simple to use.

Point-of-sale (POS) capabilities

  • Customisable, resizeable transaction screen

  • Graphical user interface

  • Customisable POS buttons for web-based application shortcuts

  • Electronic receipt on net display

  • Online access to the Internet

  • View and print journals from any register

Inventory control & tracking

  • Track and manage all inventory types

  • Organise and modify assembly, matrix and lot matrix items using easy-to-use spreadsheets

  • Automatically calculate inventory replinshment based on restock level or quantity sold

  • Generate purchase orders

  • Receive shipment

Pricing, sales & promotions

  • Set up "mix & match" pricing structure

  • "Buy X, get Y" discount capability

  • Discount from retail

  • Mark up from cost

  • Set profit margin

  • Set percentage of discount

  • Put items on sale/promotion

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