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Work smarter than ever before with intelligent tools for the modern workplace. Bringing together the best from Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster and fuel business growth.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Overview

Microsoft Dynamics AX software is the most prestigious choice from the Microsoft inventory of end-to-end business systems. It is a truly modern, fully integrated, adaptable, three dimensional business management system which uses modern technologies to help you and your staff make confident and informed business decisions. Dynamics AX hosting can take place in the cloud, or on premise - you can decide.

It incorporates key functionality to visualise your entire operation from sales order entry and configurations, through to the invoicing of goods dispatched. The Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) Software will automate critical business processes, automatically record Bill Of Materials (BOM), improve upon operational efficiency, streamline procedures and eliminate manual data re-entry and error meaning your time and resources are not wasted.

Connect all of your sites and encourage supply chain collaboration through a ‘single instance’ of Microsoft Dynamics AX allowing for independent operation but with ‘group’ level analysis. When production is conducted within many sites, Microsoft Dynamics AX lets you manage production and workflow across the entire enterprise with its impressive Production Planning Software features. 

MS Dynamics AX from Syscom unifies the manufacturing process into one multi-site operation and provides high quality business intelligence.   

Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of a limited number of truly global systems that provides multi-site, multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities for more than 40 countries including software tools to local tax and regulatory requirements with a full suite of financial tools and ledger management.

Additionally, the object-oriented architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX is different than many of its competitors because it can scale up to support large distribution businesses, and scale down to support the specific needs of smaller companies. This means that you can adapt and upgrade your ERP system over time with less risk and expense. 

However, when applied specifically to how an industry operates or the circumstances in which they work, there will always be nuances and specific functions that are not standard. Syscom, having recruited all of its staff from the industries we supply, has taken this impressive product and specifically adapted it with the functionality of software already used within the industries kept in mind.   

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Dynamics AX Downloads

What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics™ AX ERP software is the most prestigious choice from the Microsoft inventory of business systems...

Capacity & Production Planning

At the heart of any manufacturing process is a Production Planning software that is steadily maintaining the equilibrium between supply and demand...

Project based manufacturing

There are different types of manufacturing, but none more complicated than Project based manufacturing. Project Plan's are vital. What makes this such a high risk industry is...

Microsoft Dynamics AX Product Configurator

Your customers should always have peace of mind that the information required to meet their needs has been captured in a straightforward, professional manner and that the product they seek is exactly what they will get. You may be faced with a daunting problem...

Multi Site - Multi Plant

In today’s ever reducing global economy, manufacturing across multiple sites and multiple countries is now common. Items or projects can now be requested from one site, and delivered from another, having possibly involved multiple other plants or third parties in the production process. Microsoft Dynamics AX's Production Planning Software Functionality allows you full visibility of production operations across multiple sites...

Furniture Plug In

Working in these unique industries can be daunting. Unlike other manufacturing establishments, manufacturing furniture is a highly complex process that often encompasses make-to-stock, make-to-order items that have already been sold. Not only are furniture items fashionable and in high demand, but customers are given promise dates that must be adhered to...

Microsoft Sure Step

Executive and middle management support is essential to an ERP project's success. Sure Step from Microsoft has detailed requirement planning checklists, workflow diagrams and role definitions to help accelerate the discovery and project planning process.

Software Finance

Did you know we can fund 100% software
licenses as an asset? Whether you are renewing, upgrading, or growing your software estate or deploying an entirely new solution, why not spread the cost?

Dynamics AX Furniture Plug-in

Fully integrate your business, drive growth and profit 

Syscom has developed a unique Plug-in to AX that has been developed for the Furniture and Soft Furnishing industry. AX includes one of the best Product Configurator's for furniture companies, which allows business' to simplify processes and improve customer satisfaction levels.  

We have adapted Microsoft's "Rolls-Royce" ERP application - Microsoft Dynamics AX to plan effortlessly, integrate seamlessly and work efficiently within your company. 

The AX Plug-in is only available from Syscom. Your manufacturing, sales, customer service staff, even your resellers can now have accurate information at their fingertips, on their mobile phones, tablets or laptops at any time.  

Benefits include: 

  • Accurate, reliable and secure customer information.

  • Effortless production & planning routines to ensure that your throughput will meet your targets. 

  • Batch traceability and audit history. 

  • Receive EDI files from customers and translate them into sales orders. 

  • Full traceability and audit history 

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Business Intelligence

Would you like to fully understand your customers needs and buying behaviour so that you can reduce expensive inventory? 

Would a change in operations in a plant or multiple plants enable you to take on more business and deliver large returns for the company as a whole? 

Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, Syscom knows that the manufacturing industry is constantly changing and that you are under constant pressure to keep production costs down as the prices for raw materials change.  Now more than ever, market success and growth depends on a business agility that responds rapidly to changes, supply chain risks and high energy, commodity and transportation costs. 

Business intelligence included provides you with timely information to support good decision making. 

  • It's easy to export data out of Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing software into Excel spread sheets. 

  • There's access to over 850 reports as standard.

  • Over 30 pre-configured dashboards display role relevant information to each user each time they go into the software.

Business Process Modeler

Microsoft Business Process Modeler, available in Lifecycle Services of Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing software, provides dynamic business process documentation of your implementation.  It will enable you to create, view, and modify business-process hierarchies and flowcharts. 

In addition, Task Recorder helps you easily capture business processes, generate documentation and automatically create business process flow charts in LCS.  Making your “continuous improvement BPM/BPR” project easier to control and manage.   

Drive innovation – by working with a standard Microsoft technology platform that simplifies deployment and lowers costs, giving you the power to drive your business forward. 

You can deploy in a way that works best for you – on premises, in the cloud– and make incremental changes as needed. 

With Microsoft Dynamics AX you get a business solution from Microsoft that is backed by an ongoing commitment to research, develop and innovate. 


Workflow and Alerts

Automate business processes and improve productivity by helping your people manage and track key business events.  With Microsoft Dynamics AX, people across your organisation can create and standardise workflows and set alert rules that deliver automatic notifications for critical tasks and actions. 

Easily automate business processes
Define custom workflows to standardise and streamline your organisation's business processes and stay agile at the same time. 

Quickly create workflows using templates
Use out-of-the-box templates to quickly configure workflows for common business tasks and activities, without the need for developer assistance. 

Proactively monitor business activity with alerts
Easily create alerts to help monitor key events from any Microsoft Dynamics AX record or from a predefined template.  With automatic notifications, your people are aware of bottlenecks and can take quick action to avoid and resolve delays.  

Provide flexible delivery for alerts
Give people the notification information they need in a variety of ways - as pop-up windows; e-mail messages through Microsoft Office Outlook or through their Role Centres via the Microsoft Dynamics AX client; or by using Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX.  


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