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Manufacturing ERP Software

Syscom provide manufacturing ERP software solutions and services for bespoke and complex manufacturers.

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Manufacturing remains one of the major industries for the UK economy.  Manufacturing companies who focus on their Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II) and focus in on the importance of good house-keeping, such as working capital management and the cost efficiency of lean manufacturing are the ones likely to emerge the strongest.

ERP software solutions connect manufacturing operations with the entire organisation, which gives an enterprise wide view and in turn increases efficiency.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Software from Syscom

Syscom offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ApparelX ERP software solutions for manufacturers. With over 35 years manufacturing experience, Syscom provide end-to-end ERP software solutions for you to:

  • Gain better insight into your customers challenges and strategic planning

  • Use the knowledge to build lean business processes with demand driven supplier networks

  • Become more competitive

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies

  • Increase customer satisfaction resulting in expanding market growth

  • Raise profit margins.


In addition to this, specific manufacturing modules in ERP software systems can manage and control manufacturing operations with precision, including:

  • Managing work flow scheduling

  • Creating distinct product variants that each have a unique bill of materials (BOM)

  • Job costing and capacity planning

  • Optimising production planning

  • Improving product quality and output by identifying and resolving issues through real time insights

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Project Manufacturing

There are different types of manufacturing, but none more complicated than project based manufacturing. What makes this such a high risk industry is that finished items may not have touched the drawing board, yet a price will already have been given, leaving your business to absorb any additional cost that may occur. When a project depends on so many different factors operating in the right way, the risk of getting things wrong is often exceedingly high, especially at the planning stage.

Manufacturing ERP software project manages and controls manufacturing operations with ease and accuracy.

  • Centralised project data means information is available across the entire enterprise so that running costs remain accurate and invoices align naturally with project schedules.

  • Wasted time and bottlenecks are identified early, releasing spare capacity, highlighting idle resources and ensuring project adherence is continual.

Manufacturing ERP - Project Manufacturing

Production and Capacity Planning

At the heart of any manufacturing process is a Production Planner, steadily maintaining the equilibrium between supply and demand in an environment where both political and economic uncertainty exists. Sales predictions are often far from accurate, which leads to increased purchase exposure, idle machinery and underutilised production resources.

  • ERP software for manufacturing manages production time by presenting the user with continual 360° visibility of the entire production platform, no matter how complex, to determine the optimum resource utilisation.

  • It will provide the user with a choice and an ability to simulate the effect of an under/over sales prediction to the likely outcome using Production Planning Software.

  • Manufacturing Production Planning ERP software functionality continually judges how many items are required to mirror estimated sales demand, highlighting shortages within the BOM, resource and skills well in advance which ensures adherence to delivery promises.

Manufacturing ERP - Production Planning

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