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Despite the current problems related to the financial crisis, manufacturing remains one of the major industries for the UK economy.  Manufacturing Companies that focus on good house-keeping, such as working capital management and the cost efficiencies of lean manufacturing are the ones likely to emerge the strongest. Syscom are specialists in Manufacturing and provide the manufacturing software solutions with over 35 years manufacturing experience for you to :

  • Gain better insight into your customers challenges and strategic planning
  • Use the knowledge to build lean business processes with demand driven supplier networks
  • Become more competitive
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • Increase customer satisfaction resulting in expanding market growth
  • Raise profit margins.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP business software solutions deliver the tools and information you need to streamline your processes, enable demand-pull operations, reduce waste and encourage continuous improvement. 

Syscom specialise in providing software solutions and services for bespoke and complex manufacturers.  Expand products section for more information on the right hand side.