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In a volume marketplace, efficiency can make or break your bottom line.  New competition from low-cost producers in developing countries only sharpens the perennial challenge of cost control.  Yet project based manufacturers also face increasing demands related to product quality, business integration, on-time delivery, evolving supply chain initiatives such as radio frequency identification, (RFID) and improved customer service. 

Meeting these demands takes more than comprehensive process control.  Project based Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates and streamlines all aspects of your manufacturing business, including design, production, financial analysis, and field service, to boost profitability and succeed in highly competitive markets. 

A flexible, adaptable business management solution, project based manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you manage daily challenges related to materials and demand planning, capacity scheduling, goods tracking, project management, and the integration of design innovations into the manufacturing process.  New insights into costs, capacity, and profitability can speed quotation development and improve business planning, while available-to-promise (ATP) capabilities help you manage the flow of materials and orders. 

Syscom can help you to shorten cycle times for engineered products, make customisations profitable, or move to modular products to empower expansion and build a competitive advantage.  When you can streamline, monitor, and control the entire production and service cycle, it becomes easy to manage projects, satisfy customers, innovate, and profitablyi expand your business. 

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