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Dynamics 365 for Furniture

The Furniture Manufacturing industry is unique and complex. The product is a fashionable item and in high in demand so it's important to be able to process and deliver orders on time. However, the Manufacturing of furniture can be made complex by the ever-increasing list of choices being offered. Options, Fabrics, Size, Seating patterns and combinations can be immeasurable.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can streamline your entire start-to-end business process by simplifying the challenges you face everyday. The right applications allow you to optimise your business operations, manage your inventory, access critical insights and raise profit margins. Syscom has worked with experts in furniture manufacturing to create a solution which answers the questions and challenges you face on a daily basis.



Dynamics 365 for Furniture combines the extensive functionality and stability within Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the specialised features contained within existing furniture systems. This gives you the facility to manage your start-to-end production process all in one place and improve your service to customers.

Dynamics 365 has inbuilt ‘Web Services’ so that your customers and resellers can directly place orders saving you time and reducing costly mistakes. This software then allows you to manage your inventory efficiently, effortlessly plan your business processes and optimise your resource planning capabilities so that you can deliver the product accurately and on time.

Our Product Configurator software configures to order, which simplifies complex requirements and automates BOM configurations and routing. This lets you create bespoke items, configuring thousands of variations so that you can offer customers a range of options on their choice of furniture, tailored to their own requirements.



Modifications within our software provide solutions for:

  • Material and fabric restrictions such as dye batch and pattern matching

  • Fire and safety regulations

  • Customization and customer preferences

  • Production and delivery schedules

  • Bulk picking

  • Accessories and modifications



Our industry-specific software provides end-to-end ERP software solutions allowing you to:

  • Gain better insight into your customers challenges and strategic planning

  • Use the knowledge to build lean business processes with demands driven supplier networks

  • Become more competitive

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies

  • Increase customer satisfaction resulting in expanding market growthRaise profit Margins

In addition to this, specific manufacturing modules in ERP software systems can manage and control manufacturing operations with precision, including:

  • Managing work flow scheduling

  • Creating distinct product variants that each have a unique bill of materials (BOM)

  • Job costing and capacity planning

  • Optimising production planning

  • Improving product quality and output by identifying and resolving issues through real time insights



Transform your business

Dynamics 365 for Furniture has the ability to streamline your entire start-to-end process, bringing efficiency and productivity to your workplace. With its specially-designed modifications, the app creates integrates seamlessly to give you all the benefits of furniture software in your ERP solution

Give your customers more

Personalise your interactions and give your customers a consistent experience across all touch points.

Empower your people

Help your employees do their best work by giving them key insights. Tap into shared understanding with software user experiences that will feel instantly familiar.

Optimise your business

Anticipate the road ahead. Use key business insights to identify problems and implement solutions. Gain access to intelligent processes and predictive guidance.

Transform your products

Automate processes and give yourself room to innovate. Shift your focus - use data to become more proactive and deliver better customer experiences.

Product Configuration

Items you sell can be configured in many thousands of variations - size, colour, fabric, frame, material for example - and you receive hundreds of orders a day. Having the time to identify sales order errors could be impossible, let alone the time it would take to fix a mistake.

Getting the order right first time is a challenge in itself and is the prime reason for rejected deliveries, rework and lost profit. The Product Configurator helps you get Sales Orders right the first time and automates Work Orders without delay.

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