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Designed for Furniture & Soft Furnishing industries

Working in these unique industries can be daunting. Unlike other manufacturing establishments, manufacturing furniture is a highly complex process as the items you are making have already been sold. Not only are furniture items fashionable and in high demand, but customers are given promise dates that must be adhered to. The list of options available can sometimes be immeasurable and the fabric often needs to be ordered well ahead of the sales order even being received.

It is vital that the details of sales orders are accurate or it could be costly to rectify later. It is for this reason why Syscom, in conjunction with Microsoft and the Furniture Industry, have collaborated on an industry specific version of their end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Software. This version is designed by your industry for your industry answering questions and offering solutions to common industry problems such as, Dye batch matching; does the fabric carry a fire certificate?; stretch qualities; is there sufficient meterage to complete a job?; delivery schedule alignment with courier; In what order should I schedule production?; can I bulk pick to save time?; when should I order the frames and springs?; how do I capture the status of each order to relay to my customers?; are the details of this order correct?; are there any accessories required?; should the cushions have the same fabric front and back and are they the right size? 



The software encapsulates all of the features contained within existing furniture systems, adding to them the extensive functionality and stability within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Furniture Manufacturers from Syscom been developed exclusively for the Furniture and Soft Furnishing industries by the industry itself. It is the product of countless hours of collaboration with major players from these industries to tackle the challenges faced daily. By adapting Microsoft’s ‘Best of Breed’ ERP application – Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Syscom has built upon the already outstanding features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to produce a product that simplifies everyday challenges and improves upon operational efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Furniture Manufacturing will allow you to manage your inventory efficiently, effortlessly plan your preferred business processes and manage your resource planning capabilities dramatically. From how you schedule make-to-order and production activity to how and when finished items are delivered to customers is wholly up to you. Why not let customers or resellers place orders to you through inbuilt Microsoft Dynamics 365 ‘Web Services’ to save sales order entry time and costly mistakes. Use the inbuilt Product Configurator - configure to order - software which simplifies those complex requirements and automate BOM configurations and routing instructions. 



Visualise your enterprise operation and access information from anywhere, even sitting on a train. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ‘Furniture Manufacturers’ has taken the standard ERP system to a whole new exciting level and through a single application, allows you to manage; Sales Order Processing; Manufacturing Planning; Production Scheduling; Despatch Planning; Integrated Financials; Inventory Management; Product Configurator; EDI; Pricing Methods; Weaves into the fabric of your operation; Barcode Labelling; Quarantine; Tracked Fire Certification; Travel Documentation; Shop Floor Data Capture; Piece Work; Fabric and Raw Material.

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