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End-to-end ERP software solutions to the Textile, Apparel & Fashion Industries to help them operate efficiently wherever they are in the world.

Reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide a better experience to your customers with ApparelX - fashion ERP software designed specifically for the apparel and textile industry.

With over 35 years of experience working with apparel and textile companies, Syscom are widely recognised as one of the UK's leading fashion ERP software providers. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the clothing, footwear, accessories and soft furnishing sectors - giving us an unrivalled insight into the industry. Our experience means we listen to what you require, understand your needs and objectives, and implement software solutions that keep you ahead of the game long into the future.

Fashion ERP Software

Specialist fashion ERP software can help you to:

  • Become more competitive

  • Improve customer service through accurate stock control and analysis resulting in expanding market growth

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies

  • Streamline and automate business processes throughout your supply chain to improve planning

  • Keep tighter control of cost and supplier performance

  • Handle unlimited warehouses, keeping all dynamic attributes such as quantities, costs, storage structures and pricing by warehouse

  • Optimise inventory levels

  • Respond quickly to changes in customer and supplier demand


In addition to this, the specific modules of fashion ERP software we provide offer:

  • Wardrobe management

  • Decoration management

  • Product development management

Increase your business efficiency without complexity, contact us for a discussion about out how specialist fashion ERP software can help your company at a fraction of what modern ERP tools cost.

Wardrobe Management Software

Syscom understand that customer service is paramount in the corporate uniform management industry, so our end-to-end clothing ERP software is written and continually developed by our experienced Product Development Teams in order to ensure that you dress your clients to meet agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

As a supplier you must offer both uniforms that meet your customer’s needs, but also offer a service that allows them improve their employees’ experience, whilst reducing the associated administration.

ApparelX with its wardrobe management module, provides you with useful clothing ERP software tools to do just that. Developed over a period of 35 years, our corporate wardrobe management software solutions help uniform and PPE companies to win and maintain uniform supply contracts with clients and grow their business.

The Wardrobe Management module of ApparelX can manage the needs of corporate clients from afar, and helps you to deliver a quality and professional service. Uniform traceability and disposal processes, new starters, staff turnover and organic growth or decline are handled by our ApparelX ERP software with ease and efficiency.

The clothing ERP software solution manages the many options, costs, processes and numerous requirements and variables that are demanded by the workwear client in today’s busy and often hazardous working environments and differentiates your company from the competition.

Wardrobe Management Software

Clothing Decoration Management Software

Personalised uniform clothing increases the worker’s sense of belonging to a company team. It looks professional, smart and in keeping with a company’s image, and can help to promote their brand.

Syscom understand that for personalised workwear or uniform suppliers, it’s important to provide a quick and professional service. Our clothing management software, ApparelX, has a decoration management module that allows you to store and manage customer specific corporate identification logos and monograms from the point of sales order entry, which helps save time processing an order.

The decoration management module of the software can manage costings via the bill of materials, stores all decoration specification instructions and can be mapped to your embroidery machines.

Being able to quickly and easily manage the decoration of your customers’ uniforms and workwear can help you to stand out from your competition.

Clothing Decoration Management Software

Apparel Product Development Management Software

Fashion and textile designers help create the clothes, soft furnishings and functional materials that the UK spends millions of pounds on each year. Designers have a wide combination of materials and accessories to work with and a range of colours and styles to choose from.

Syscom’s Apparel ERP software has a product development management module which helps designers to shorten the time to market for their garments or products and allows them to work as part of a team wherever they are in the world.

  • It accelerates design and product development

  • Helps to reduce pre-production costs

  • Enhances creativity of designers

  • Offers a centralised store for all designs/images and production information

  • Helps reduce and eliminate versioning errors and delays.

With this specialist apparel ERP software, fashion and textile designers can manage their development process from concept through to completion effortlessly with a reduced time to market. 

Apparel Product Development Management Software

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