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Dynamics 365 for Sales

Go beyond sales automation by bringing digital intelligence into each deal to better predict your customer’s needs - and deliver the personal attention that builds relationships and revenue.

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GROW YOUR BUSINESS - Increase revenue while reducing acquisition cost using intelligent insights, sales CRM and business processes

STAY FOCUSED - Reduce distractions and know where to prioritise to maximise performance in fast-paced sales environments

WIN FASTER - Work smarter, be more productive, and collaborate through sales management software.



Actionable insights

Focus and act on the right priorities

Derive meaningful intelligence from large amounts of complex data to provide sellers with contextual, actionable insights that are easy to understand. Increase sales velocity by identifying prospects most likely to buy based on predictive intelligence. Know where to focus with insights that reveal relationship health and risk. Spot buying signals, identify competitive threats, and keep a pulse on the market with social media. Engage your customers in more personalised, effective ways through customer intelligence.



Sales productivity

Spend more time selling and less time on administration

Increase revenue, boost productivity, gain key insights, and reduce costs when you automate your sales processes through a highly intuitive interface and Microsoft Office-embedded capabilities. Work anytime, anywhere with familiar, intuitive productivity tools, such as mobile apps that provide contextual news, social data, and task flows. Know what steps to take next to close deals faster by using process automation and a guided sales process. Recruit, on-board, and strengthen your partner channel through deeper enablement and activation.



Sales performance

Create a culture that nurtures success

Accelerate your sales performance with real-time analytics based on historical data and predictive information. Inspire, on-board, coach, and motivate your team to achieve more. Get answers fast using dashboards, contextual charts, and Power BI Q&A for natural language queries. Hit your numbers by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing feedback and coaching in real time. Ease on-boarding and align sales behaviour through sales management software and interactive help and documentation. Energise everyone on your sales team with fun and exciting competitions through gamification.



Relationship management

Foster customer relationships through authentic, personal engagement

Unify your sales experience around relationships. With relationship-centred insights, you’ll deliver the personal engagement that your customers demand. Identify, understand, and connect with customers through social networks. Engage through sharing of personalised and relevant content. Build trust with continuous insights and recommendations based on actual customer needs. Easily grow and maintain your one-to-one customer relationships—at scale - with unified data and system.


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