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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Improve customer service through a single, unified experience that delivers end-to-end service across every channel - earning customer loyalty and empowering agents.

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Earn customer loyalty Minimise customer effort, proactively address issues, and deliver more personalised, seamless service.

Empower every agent - Give agents the knowledge they need to deliver faster, more consistent service.

Adapt to changing needs - Anticipate and react quickly to customer and market demands using a customer service software application with intelligence built in.



Omni-channel engagement 

Connect with customers anytime, anywhere

Support your customers wherever and whenever they need it. Deliver the personalised, consistent service customers expect across their choice of device and channel—including social media.

Use a unified platform for consistency and visibility across channels. Get deeper insights with a 360-degree customer view. Personalise interactions based on past interactions and behaviour.



Self-service and communities

Help your customers help themselves

Make it easy for your customers to find answers on their own, as well as access a community space to connect with peers and subject-matter experts. And when they require it, customers can seamlessly transition to assisted support. Offer access to customer service anytime, anywhere. Deliver real-time service that’s optimised for any mobile operating system and device.



Agent enablement

Help your agents succeed through a single user interface

Give your agents the tools, guidance, and data they need to resolve issues. Agents will speed resolutions and deliver a more personalised, effective level of support using service software that accesses all customer information in one place - even pulling data from systems outside customer service. Support agents with a visual interface that delivers role-tailored experiences. Manage cases faster and provide differentiated levels of support. Speed resolution using machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities.



Unified Knowledge

Give agents and customers answers on the spot

Access and deliver consistent answers across channels using a searchable knowledge base. Personalise content on the portal for customers and measure response impact through in-depth analytics. Deliver the right answers at the right time across channels. Capture content from social media, service interactions, and experts. Understand how your knowledge base is being used with rich analytics, helping you improve and add information based on customer needs.




Digital intelligence

Be proactive with built-in digital intelligence

Enable predictive customer service using data analytics built into your customer service software. Identify trends, anticipate opportunities, and gain invaluable insights through interactive dashboards and data visualisation capabilities.View real-time key service metrics through fully customisable dashboards. Automatically detect sentiment and intent on social posts using built-in intelligence. Resolve issues faster by using machine learning to reference relevant articles and cases. Get quick insights to help identify trending issues.


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