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When you need 360° visibility of your supply chain, Microsoft’s purpose built distribution and inventory management software can help

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Software for Distribution Overview

As the old saying goes, delivering the right goods to the right customer at the right time and at the right price remains more important than ever in todays world.

In order to stay profitable and remain competitive, warehouse and distribution companies need to be able to provide the highest levels of customer service, yet maintain a streamlined and efficient organisation behind the scenes. An organisation must provide effective control over the entire enterprise to ensure agile response to challenges and that supply and demand is continually and carefully matched across the whole business through supply chain collaboration and warehouse management software.

Syscom work with many warehouse and distribution companies across a range of industry sectors including consumer electronics, industrial, apparel and textiles.

Our people have extensive industry experience and deliver the knowledge and understanding of issues that matter to make a real difference. We offer a range of flexible, scaleable, end to end warehouse and distribution software solutions specifically designed by Microsoft for your business.

Find out how you can streamline and automate business processes throughout your supply chain to improve planning, optimise inventory levels, reduce costs, and respond quickly to changes in customer and supplier demand with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Warehouse and Distribution Management Software

Streamline and automate business processes throughout the supply chain to improve planning, optimise inventory levels, reduce costs, and respond quickly to changes in customer and supplier demand. The Warehouse & Distribution Management ERP software in Microsoft Dynamics AX connects sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production and Distribution & Warehouse management to provide real-time visibility throughout the supply chain. With the ability to integrate external business processes and support application-to-application connectivity, you can improve supply and demand planning to optimise inventory levels and increase reliability rates for execution and delivery. In addition, you can help simplify government and corporate compliance commitments by defining custom business rules and workflows based on risk scenarios.

The Dynamics AX Warehouse & Distribution Management ERP software empowers your people to work fast and smart with Role Centers that organise relevant tasks, information, and tools in a personalised view. Supply chain managers can gain deep insight into customer and supplier account data, pricing trade agreements, and inventory with access to Role Tailored reports and custom data cubes.  Warehouse managers can easily access tools to help them optimise item storage based on location types, space, pallet heights, and temperature requirements.  

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Run paperless warehouse operations 

  • Reduce the number of incorrect picks and deliveries - improve customer service levels

  • Improve tracking and traceability of shipments, items, cartons, pallets in the chain

  • Reduce costs by optimising supply chain management processes

  • Control and streamline inventory 

  • Achieve supply chain integration with mobile devices, voice picking, EDI, material handling equipment and other solutions

  • Increased visibility throughout the supply chain 

Functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX:    

  • Demand forecasting

  • Intercompany trade

  • Vendor self-service portal

  • Business-to-business trading partner integration

  • Quality management

  • Multi-site capabilities

  • Item and lot number reservation and tracking

  • Order promising

  • RFID

  • Distribution planning

  • Returns management

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