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Custom Solutions

Business Analysis

Does your company have specialised processes, or a unique competitive idea which needs automation to put you ahead of your game? Often, the implementation of great ideas can be hindered by the lack of a standard, off the shelf software package.

At Syscom, we have the skills, disciplines and experience needed to create specialised system solutions for individual customers, backed by a strong track record of successful delivery to our customers, built up over many years.

Our team will work with you to understand your business issues/problems, and the requirements that flow from that.  We will design a solution that addresses these requirements , and this solution will be outlined clearly in a proposal document. You will know from this what solution you will receive and how much it will cost.  Syscom will then proceed to develop the solution, deliver it to you and help you to implement it.  This will all be done by the same team of people, working closely with you from inception to implementation - our staff will be as committed to the success of your project as you are.

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